Get Direct Bookings in 8 Weeks

You'll Never Depend on OTAs Again!

Three Reasons to Set Up Direct Bookings Today-

1) You Never Pay OTA Commissions
2) You Gain Control over your Bookings
3) You Get FREE Bookings from Google & Social

Bonus Reason - Your Competitors Will.

Short Term Rental Property with Pool
Direct Bookings help you Earn More.
Get More Bookings
Save on Commissions
Get Better Margins
Customer Searching for Property on Google
Ask Yourself This...

If a guest views your property on Airbnb or VRBO, but wants to book direct, can they find you?

I mean, will your STRs website show up when they search for it on Google? No? That’s BAD! you just lost the booking to a competitor they WERE able to find.

Best case scenario, they paid EXTRA to book through the OTA. while you earned LESS, than you could have. IMAGINE! you losing FREE revenue is the best case scenario.

But you know what? Don’t worry, We can fix it with Local SEO.
it’s a tedious & highly technical process, but it’s completely Done For You in our {{Package Name}}.

Really want to continue losing all that FREE Revenue? I hope not.
Building Trust is Key!
Think about the biggest brands in the Hospitality Industry. The single greatest reason behind their success is Customer’s Trust.

They spend millions on marketing to increase brand awareness and build trust.

I don’t expect you to spend that much, but I need you to understand the importance of trust. It is how you build a brand for your STR that gets tons of Direct Bookings.

Every guest that plans to book directly with you, will look you up on social media. They will want to see regular posts & testimonials.

So the first step to building customer trust is creating an active and highly relevant social media presence.

It’s difficult & time consuming but don’t worry, it’s completely Done For You with our package 8 Week Go Direct STR Set Up.
Guests are skeptical about Direct Bookings, you need to WIN their trust with a Bullet Proof Social Presence!
Graphic containing logos of various social media platforms denoting the importance of trust.
Does The Thought Of Listing Suspension Make You Anxious?
The truth is - we're all humans and mistakes are bound to happen. They're a part of every!
But some guests aren't always forgiving. They'll make it a point to complain to AirBnb for the smallest of mistakes. which BTW, you did everything to resolve.

Unfortunately, AirBnb or VRBO probably won't take your side. It's very likely that they suspend your listing.

Suddenly you're left with ZERO revenue, but HUGE recurring expenses...
Repairs & Maintenance
Electricity & Maintenance
Mortgage & Insrance
Staff Salaries, etc.
It's even worse when they are FAKE claims.
(We've all heard stories of how rampant that is)
We've Got Your Back.
We're dedicated towards helping STR investors like you
Dominate Direct Bookings & Mitigate Platform Dependency
through our -
8 Week Go Direct STR Set Up
Completely Done For You - Sit Back & Relax while we do the work for you.
If you don't start getting direct bookings, we work for FREE until you do.
Why Us?

As an STR Investor you have built properties that are well designed & loaded with the best amenities. YET, you have to rely on OTAs for Bookings.

Why? Because they’re like the world’s best kept secret. If Guests can’t find the property’s official website, how will they book direct?

We help you get those direct bookings by building a bullet proof digital presence through,

  • A Direct Booking Website
  • Local SEO for Google & Bing
  • Social Media Marketing

Get on a call with us to learn more!


A Simple 3 Step Process
Book Free Consultation

Learn about our process and Share details about your properties. if we're the right fit.
We complete the On boarding Process.

The Magic Happens

We spend the next 8 weeks implementing our systems & processes. Sit back & relax while we set everything up for you!

Final Delivery

Upon completion, our team delivers the digital assets created for your property & a few bonus assets that help save time & effort.

Client's We've Helped!
Vandana Villa
A 6 Bedroom Spacious Villa located in the Beach Capital of Konkan.
View Website
Prashila Villa
A 2 Bedroom Villa located in Nagaon, Alibag.
View Website
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8 Week Go Direct STR Set Up

Completely DFY. Tailor Made For Your STR. You Won't Have To Lift a Finger!
$ 149 Per Week
  • Local SEO - Show Up on Google
  • Website SEO - Rank Higher on Google
  • Social Media Marketing - Inbound Bookings
  • Weekly Blogs - Get More Users on Website
  • Bonus #1 - Review Response Automation
  • Bonus #2 - Enquiry Chat FAQ Automation
  • Bonus #3 - Handy Guest Welcome Book PDF
Best Value
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