Vandana Villa Case Study
How we helped Vandana Villa go from losses to profits in 30 Days
Vandana Villa Case Study

Brief Case Study

The Challenge

Vandana Villa is a low budget project in Chaul city towards the far end of Alibaug. The owner, was struggling to market the villa. Over 2 years the revenue was Rs. 1.5 Lacs. This meant that the villa was making losses every month.


  • 6 AC Beds + Attached Bathroom
  • Small Front Yard
  • On site parking & WiFi


  • Not Beach Facing
  • No Swimming Pool or Club House
  • Average Looking Villa

The Result:

We took over the marketing for Vandana Villa on 21st November 2021 and achieved 2 years of revenue in the month of December 2021 itself. (Over Rs. 1.6 Lacs)

While December was peak season, Vandana Villa has been consistently earning a generous revenue even in the Off season periods. The Owner was happy to have earned a huge return on his investment.

We helped him turn Vandana Villa from a loss-making dead asset to a profitable villa rental business.

Detailed Case Study

From Losses to Profits in 30 Days – The Case Study of Vandana Villa

Mr. Kamlesh, the owner of Vandana Villa was struggling to market his villa since early 2019. While it was supposed to be an asset, the villa was losing money every single month.
In 2 years, the villa was able to generate revenue of:

  • Rs. 1,52,000/- from January 2019 to November 2021.

But this was not enough, the villa was losing money every month.
The Owner trusted us to turn around the business and increase bookings for Vandana Villa.

The Arbalest Growth Hacking Process

We implemented our process to build a strong digital presence for the villa in about 10-12 days and generated a revenue of Rs. 1,62,000/- in December 2021.

The villa is earning Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 80,000/- consistently even in off season periods of January to May 2022.

Here’s what we did:

1. Local Business SEO

A villa is essentially a local business, and so it must be optimized for search engines (Google).

We did just that, by optimizing the villa’s google listing and other listings on local business directories.

We also added citations, backlinks & schema markup to the villa’s website, so google could better understand what it was about.

This is what an optimised villa listing looks like on google search

Photo of google listings

2. Listings with Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are platforms like AirBnb & In the initial days, they are instrumental in getting bookings.

It is important to optimize the villa listings on these platforms, here’s how you do it:

  • Mark the Location Accurately
  • Use High Quality pictures of villa & amenities
  • Add the best picture as the cover/display
    • Front view of the villa
    • Bed Room Picture
  • Properly list all amenities
  • Add Personalized details on the host description
  • Set competitive prices

Links to OTA Listings

3. Social Media Marketing

Content marketing on Social Media is one of the best ways to get bookings for your villa.
While Instagram has definitely had the Impact, we also posted content on other platforms.

Here’s the list along with Vandana Villa’s Account links

We make content specially for Instagram & Facebook and re-purpose it onto the other platforms.
Facebook groups is another way to reach out to customers looking to book a villa for their stays.

4. Website Redesign

Although the villa had a website, it wasn’t converting customers.
We redesigned the website to:

  • Showcase the villa’s strengths
    • Front yard
    • 6 AC rooms
    • 6 attached Bathrooms
    • Huge living room space
  • Highlight it’s selling points to customers.
    • Capacity of up to 35 People
    • Ample Space
    • Stay in Nature
    • On site Parking
    • Local Cuisine

Here’s how it looks: Vandana Villa Alibaug Website.

Final Results

In December of 2021, the marketing and sales of the villa was taken over by us.
Here are the revenue numbers since then:

  • Dec 2021 – Rs. 1,61,000/- ( 1 last minute cancellations lead to 1 unbooked weekend )
  • Jan 2022 – Rs. 12,000/- ( 3rd Wave COVID Lock-down & Villa Renovations )
  • Feb 2022 – Rs. 63,000/- ( 1 weekend occupied for Family gathering )
  • Mar 2022 – Rs. 82,000/- (With 1 weekend left to book)

The best part is, none of this was paid marketing & not even a single Rupee was spent on Ads.

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