6 Post Types to Get More Bookings for your Vacation Rental Business – Instagram Edition

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Your villa’s Instagram followers DON’T MATTER! What matters for your Vacation Rental Business is whether you generate enquiries and bookings through Instagram.

Here are 6 Post Types you can use to GET MORE BOOKINGS.

  • Booking Availability – This is a Must!

Regularly share the details of the available dates for your villa. This is important because this reduces the friction from the user’s mind to have to ask for the availability.

It also encourages followers who have been waiting to book your property but couldn’t, to book their stay while it’s available.

availability of dates post
  • Instagram Reels – Take Advantage of the Reach

Instagram rolled out it’s reels just a few years back, and as a Vacation Rental Owner you MUST be using it!

Simply create a few reels from your villa’s videos. Mix up the reel with a trending song and post a new reel every single day.

Remember: This is a sure shot way to generate bookings for your Villa!

instagram reels
  • The Renovation Update Post!

Everytime you spend money on renovating & improving your villa, you have a great opportunity to share the process, before and afters, etc. on Instagram.

This could be through a video, a carousel or even an Instagram live.

If there’s one thing tourists love, it’s a well maintained property, and these posts will let customers know just that.

renovation update post
  • Tourist Attractions – Near your property

Are there any famous tourist attractions that your customers just shouldn’t miss out on?

If that’s a yes, promoting these tourist attractions not only gathers more eyeballs on the speciality of your property’s location but also is great way to help customers make their trip even more fun!

Don’t forget to at least cover tourist attractions, near your villa. 

tourist attraction post
  • Guest Testimonials – Your Best Sales Tool!

Q – What’s the best way to convince leads to book your property?

A – Your Happy Customers telling them to book your villa.

Collect testimonials on videos, photos, or at least take a Google Review from your customers.

Post these testimonials on stories and make a highlight out of them.

post customer testimoials
  • Use Offers & Deals to sell slow moving dates

Often weekdays are vacant for most villa’s due to the low demand.

To combat this, come up with lucrative offers and special deals to incentivize guests to book your property.

special offers and deals post

Now that you know everything you need to know to market your property on Instagram, please start executing on it and enjoy the increased revenue!

Do Reach out if you have any enquiries.


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