Promote Your Vacation Rental Business On YouTube – 6 Tips

Once you’ve created a YouTube channel for your Vacation Rental Business, it’s time to post content to drive more enquiries for your villa through YouTube.

6 tips to promote your Vacation Rental Business on YouTube!

#1 Customize your Channel Profile to highlight your Villa

Before getting started, it is important to customize your villa’s channel and update the basic details, contact information, location link, social links etc.

PRO Tip: Use a video tour of your villa as the channel trailer. This is the 1st thing people see when they come to your channel!

customize your youtube channel

#2 Talk about Tourism in your Villa’s Location

In order to grab your customer’s attention, it is important to talk about things that they are interested in.

And travelers are interested in Tourism. All you need to do is spread knowledge and awareness about Tourist places near your villa.

Show your customers that these places are beautiful, affordable and accessible. They will reward you by becoming your customers.

Talk about Tourism in your Villa’s Location

#3 Use Clear Business CTA’s (Call to Actions)

Remember that the end goad of creating content on YouTube is to drive more enquiries and bookings for your business.

While likes and followers are important, what’s more important are the business metrics like enquiries and bookings.

Your CTA’s need to be so clear that customers actually end up booking your property.

Don’t fall for vanity metrics. If they don’t grow your business, they’re useless.

use clear Call to Action

#4 Use Relevant Keywords

While content is king, SEO is queen. Don’t lose out on reach by blindly posting content without focusing on keywords.

How to find keywords?

Use tools like Ubersuggest &

Naturally add these keywords in the:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags

Yes it’s a little bit of effort, but it’s totally worth it!

Publish – this will post the video instantly

Schedule – Select a date and time to post the video. Helpful especially when you’re posting content on a schedule.

use keywords

#5 Engage with Viewers

As your post consistently, you will grow a small audience. It is important to talk to these people, answer their questions and spend time to add value to their lives.

These are your future customers. A tourist doesn’t book the cheapest accommodation. They book the property they trust the most.

This is the best way to build trust among your potential customers!

engage with viewers

#6 Just Start

A lot of people refrain from posting videos because they don’t have expensive equipment to record high quality videos. But you don’t need that.

Most popular videos on YouTube are raw and unfiltered. Just use your smartphone to record a video, use free apps like inshot and kinemaster to edit it and post!

The production quality can always get better as the business grows.

But you need to start in order to grow.

Bonus Hack

Okay I know creating so much content will take up a lot of your time and so here is a hack to remain consistent on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts

Repost your Instagram reels on shorts and enjoy free organic traffic. Remember to mix up the shorts and make sure you choose audio in the app itself.

youtube shorts

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