Grow your Vacation Rental Business on Twitter!

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Now that you have already created a Twitter account for your Vacation Rental Business.

Here’s how you can leverage it to grow your Vacation Rental Business

#1 Post Valuable Content

As a vacation rental business, you must focus on posting content that adds value to your customers.

This includes details about

  • Tourist Attractions
  • Restaurants that tourists shouldn’t miss out on.
  • Beaches, Trekking spots, Events, etc.
  • Discounts on Packages and Offers
post valuable content

#2 Hashtags Help you GROW!

Do preliminary research on the hashtags used by users and competitors and start adopting them for your tweets.

This will help get more eyes on your content.

Note: Do not use too many hashtags, making your posts seem like spam. 3-4 relevant ones are enough.

hashtags help you grow

#3 Use Visual Content

Although Twitter started as a text-only platform, it is now beginning to focus much more on Visuals.

Use photos in your tweets as they naturally take up more screen real estate on users’ phones.

You can post pictures of

  • Your Property
  • Happy Guests
  • Nearby Tourist Attractions, etc.

Pro Tip: Use Gifs and Polls

#4 Engage with Customers

Just posting content is not enough! You need to engage with users & build a community. Add your two cents on relevant topics to be seen by your target audience.


If there’s a tweet by a traveller who recently visited your location, it makes sense for you to engage in the comments of that tweet.

Note: Most of the followers of such travelers are interested in travel and maybe even your location!

engage with customers

#5 Use DM’s to Respond to Inquiries

As you add value and grow your community on Twitter, your followers will start messaging you. Stay active, respond to their problems and inquiries, and provide a great user experience.

Remember to Keep your DM’s open.

keep your DM open

#6 Pin a Tweet on Property Details

Create a thread for all the relevant information about your property and pin it.

This will help answer a lot of FAQs and save time for you and your customers.

pin your tweets

That’s all for now. Remember to tweet consistently; sooner or later, you will be able to grow your Vacation Rental Business.


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