Automate Review Replies for your Google Business Profile

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As your Vacation Rental Business Grows, replying to Google Reviews can become quite time consuming.

Here’s how you can automate this process and save a lot of time.

sign up from your gmail account in zapier
  • Make the following Selections
    • Business Owner
    • 1-49 employees
    • Apps : Google My Business
select business owner and employees
  • Steps to Create the Automation flow:
    • Trigger
      • click “Create Zap” to create the automation flow
create a zap
      • Select Google My Business
      • Event: New Review
choose a trigger
      • Sign in to connect your villa’s Google My Business and select the account
      • Set up trigger: select your villa’s Google Business Profile
      • Click “continue” and “test your trigger”
      • skip test if you don’t have any reviews and continue
test trigger
    • Action
      • Select App: Google My Business
      • Event: Create Reply
      • Choose villa’s Google Business Account and continue
choose action
  • Set up action
      • Review Name: select “Review Name”
      • Your Reply: Hey [Reviewer Name], Thanks for your [Number Rating] star review! We would love to host you are our villa (villa name) in (villa location) again.
      • Test Action
        • Test & Continue
        • Skip test if you don’t have any reviews
        • Publish Zap: Publish & Turn On
turn on zap
  • Test whether the reviews are automated by adding a new review.


Incase of a negative review, make sure you edit the automated reply and personally respond to the reviewer’s issues. It is important to accept any mistakes and clarify miscommunications that might have occurred.

If you face any issues, feel free to reach out!


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