Make a Google My Business listing for your Villa in 2022 (Complete Guide)

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Google My Business (Now – Google Business Profile) was created with the intention to connect local businesses with users looking for them based on location and search query.

Creating a Google My Business Listing for your Villa Rental Business is absolutely crucial to growing your direct bookings.

Here’s how you should optimize your villa’s GMB listing in 2022

  • Create a dedicated Gmail account for your villa business
  • Google may already have a listing for your villa,
    • To check this, search for your Villa’s listing in the ‘find and manage your business’ section.
    • If you can’t find your villa, click on ‘create a business with this name’.
  • Start creating your villa’s business profile by adding accurate information
    • Business Name – Use the exact name of your villa. (without keywords)
    • Business Category – You need to be as specific as possible with the category of your business, in your case, the category is “villa”
    • Location – click on ‘yes’ to add a location, customers can visit. Add the exact address of your villa. It is important to stay consistent with the address that you add here and everywhere else.
    • Contact Info – Add the villa’s dedicated phone no. and the website. if you don’t have a website, click on “ I don’t have a website “. A website can be added later on. Everything you need to know about getting a website for your villa.
    • Click on ‘yes’ to receive updates about your villa’s business profile.
    • Verification
      • Mailing Address – Google has multiple ways to verify a business, in the case of a villa, they mostly send a postcard which takes about 4-5 days to arrive. The mailing address should be of the villa and the contact name can be of the person who will receive the post card
      • Other ways – Besides a postcard google may also provide a way to verify through video tour or verification call. Follow the instructions as provided by google.
    • Business Hours – Add the exact hours from and up to the time you can let guests check in to your villa throughout the days.
    • Messaging – Enable this option so customers can message you directly on the GMB app to talk to you.
    • Business Description – Add useful information about your villa and amenities.
    • Photos – Add photos of all areas of your villa
    • Ads – you can claim a free ad credit, but skip this for now. This can be done later.
  • You will be redirected to your Google Business Profile Manager. Your listing has now been created, wait for a few days for the verification post to arrive and verify the listing.


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