Make a Free Google Website for your Villa in 5 Steps (2022)

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It is important to have a website in order to create a strong web presence for your villa.

It also allows guests to access relevant information and updates about your villa, without having to call you.

While investing in a dedicated website is definitely better, Incase you don’t have the budget, a free google business site is better than nothing.

Here’s how you can build a free google business site for your villa in 5 steps.

  • Head to and sign in with your villa’s dedicated Gmail account and click on “Business Profile Manager”.
sign in to gmail
  • Click on “website” on the left sidebar to access the free website.
click on website
  • Edit the website based on your preferences and as per Google’s tutorial.
  • Domain: you can either use the free domain by google with the “” extension or you can buy your custom domain from google based on availability.
  • Publish the website and add the url to your Google Business Profile Listing.
click on publish

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