Guide to Create a Business Gmail Account for your Villa in 2022 (Step By Step)

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One of the first steps in taking your villa business online is to set up a dedicated business gmail account for your villa. Here’s how to create a gmail account for your villa.

For Desktop

Step 1: Go to to create an account

  • If you are signed in through another account
    • Click on the profile picture on the top right and select “add another account”
  • If you aren’t signed in through another account
    • On the top right click on “Sign In”
  • Click “create account” and choose “To manage my business”

Step 2: Add Information

  • Add your own First and Last name
  • username – Use your villas name for this
  • Preferable [ [email protected]]
  • Set password and click next
  • Use Dedicated Phone no. of your villa
  • Add your personal id as a recovery ID
  • Add your own date of birth
  • Select Gender
  • Verify Phone No.
  • Add phone no. to other google services

Step 3: Add a Profile Image

  • On click on your profile, click on manage google account
  • Click on personal info
  • Add a photo of your villa as the profile picture

For Mobile

Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your phone

  • If you haven’t signed in before
    • click “got it” and click on “add an email address”
open Gmail app and add email address
  • If you have another Gmail signed in
    • Tap on your profile icon on the top right
    • Tap “Add another account”

Step 2: Gmail Set up

  • In the Setup email – select “google”
email set up and click google
  • Create an account for your villa business
    • first name and last name – villa name
    • Enter your Birth date
    • Gender
fill name, birth date and gender
    • Select a Gmail address or create your own
    • set password
select gmail address and set password
  • add villa’s dedicated phone no.
    • Verify Phone No.
    • Agree and accept

Your Business Gmail Account is Now Ready!


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