STOP! Using your Personal Gmail for your Villa Business

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Using your personal Gmail for your villa rental business?

While running a Vacation Rental Business you have to sign up to websites like Airbnb, Google My Business, Instagram, etc.

Using your personal Gmail account for the above might seem convenient, but will cause hassle as your villa rental business grows.

Here’s 4 reasons why you need to switch to a dedicated business Gmail account for your Villa Rental Business.

  • Managing accounts on multiple websites

 In order to get more bookings for your villa, you have to sign up with multiple websites of online travel agents like Airbnb, social media handles such as Instagram and search engine listings like google.

Having a dedicated business Gmail for your villa helps you manage multiple websites through one Gmail account for your business.

  • Grant Access to Team Members

As your villa rental business grows, you will have to delegate a lot of the day to day tasks to interns or team members.

Having a separate Gmail account for your business makes it easier to grant access to team members without worrying about protecting your sensitive information like passwords to banking and personal accounts.

  • Keep things Organized

Every time you sign up on a new website, you get all kinds of emails. More often than not, it’s spam cluttering your inbox. Mostly our personal inbox is filled with these unread emails.

What happens when a new booking inquiry from Airbnb is overlooked in this clutter and you lose the booking?

A dedicated business Gmail account for your villa is crucial to avoid such mishaps.

It will also help you organize all your villa related emails in one single place. You can use it to send and receive quotes and invoices too!

  • Leverage Google Products

Google offers a host of free products you can use to store and organize details of your villa. While it’s possible to use them through your personal Gmail account, having them on your villa’s Gmail account makes a lot more sense.

Google Sheets – Use it to track your villa’s bookings with details of dates, contact info, no. of guests, payment status, etc.

Google Drive – Every customer will ask for your villa’s photos and videos before booking. This becomes extremely repetitive as your villa rental business grows.

It’s simply easier to have the photos and videos organized on a google drive and just share the link to the guests. This can also be used on your villa’s website.

Leverage Google Products


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