WhatsApp Business Account Setup for your Vacation Rental Business

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WhatsApp Business is a free business version of WhatsApp created for Business Owners. Using WhatsApp Business can help you in communicating information to your customers and speed up the process of responding to enquiries.

WhatsApp Business Features like,

  • Business Profile Information
  • Catalogs
  • Chat Labels
  • Automated Messaging

these are extremely helpful to successfully run & manage your villa’s bookings. This guide will help you correctly setup your villa’s WhatsApp Business account step-by-step.

Step 1 : Install the application and register your mobile number.

  1. Go to the Play store (Android Users) or the App Store (I phone Users) and search for “WhatsApp Business”
  2. Click ‘Install’ and open the App
  3. Register your mobile number by verifying it through OTP
    • We recommend using a dedicated number to manage bookings for your villa.
whatsapp install and register your number

Step 2: Create your Villa’s WhatsApp Business profile

  1. Add a profile picture – Use a good picture of the exterior of your villa.
  2. Business Name – Add your villa’s name.
  3. Select Category – ‘Holiday Home Rental’ can be selected for your villa.
  4. Description – Write a short description about your villa’s features and amenities, one famous place near by, etc.
  5. Business Address – Add the correct address of your villa. If you have correctly setup your Google My Business profile, you should be able to accurately set the location.
create your business profile

Step 3: Create a Catalogue

Catalogues help you easily showcase your products or services to your customers. In your case, the catalogue will contain details about various packages for renting your villa.

Navigation Click on the triple dots > Business Tools > Catalog > Add Item


  1. Package Name
  2. Photos
  3. Description – Details of the Rental Package
  4. Prices – Charges of the Rental Package
create catalogue

Step 4: Set Working hours

WhatsApp allows you to set the working hours of your business and displays the same on your WhatsApp Business profile. This let’s customers know about your availability.

To set the working hours: Click on the triple dots > Business Tools > Business Profile > Click on the pen icon

For your villa setting, the working hours to always open reduces confusion in the minds of customers.

set business hours

Step 5: Set Quick Replies

Every customer will enquire about the basic details of your villa. Setting quick replies for these basic enquiries can help you save a lot of time and make things easy. To set quick replies: Click on the triple dots > Business Tools >Quick Replies > Click ‘+’


  1. Set a shortcut – a word that will quickly retrieve this reply
  2. You can Enter Text or Media per Quick Reply
  3. Save
set quick replies

Step 6: Set Automated Messages

WhatsApp allows you to set an automated ‘Greetings’ message and an ‘Away’ message.

To set the Greetings Message: Click on the triple dots > Business Tools > Greeting Message > Toggle the ‘send greeting message’ switch

  • Click on the ‘pen’ to type the Greeting Message
  • Select Recipients
    • Everyone
    • Everyone not in address book
    • Everyone Except
    • Only send to
  • Save

A greeting message is extremely useful to let customers know about some basic information and automatically ask for a few details such as Check In, Check Out and No. of Guests.

set automated - greeting message

To set the Away Message: Click on the triple dots > Business Tools > Away Message > Toggle the ‘send away message’ switch.

  • Click on the ‘pen’ to type the Away Message
  • Schedule Send
    • Always
    • Outside Business Hours
    • Custom Hours
  • Select Recipients
    • Everyone
    • Everyone not in address book
    • Everyone Except
    • Only send to
  • Save

An away message is extremely useful to let customers know that you are away from your phone and will get back to them as soon as possible.

set automated - away message

Step 7: Set Labels

Another great feature with WhatsApp business is the facility to set labels to your chats. As your villa starts getting more and more enquiries it can become extremely difficult to manage all the chats.

Labels help you organize your customer chats into types

  • New Customers
  • Old Customers
  • Completed Bookings
  • Upcoming Bookings

To Create Labels: Click on the triple dots > Business Tools > Labels > Click ‘+’ to create custom labels like above > Hold to select a chat > click on label icon to sort the chat into a specific type.

set labels

Step 8: Add Website and Email

Whatsapp allows you to set upto 2 Websites and 1 Email Id on your profile.

It is important to add the link to your villa’s website and the Email-ID.

To add : Click on the triple dots > Business Tools > Business Profile

Step 9: Facebook & Instagram Integration

You can even integrate your villa’s WhatsApp Business account to it’s Facebook business page and Instagram Page. Any visitor on your Facebook and Instagram profile will be able to connect with you on WhatsApp Business. You can even sync WhatsApp Business profile info with the villa’s Facebook business page to save time, but make sure your Facebook business page is updated.


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