5 Reasons Villa Owners MUST Use WhatsApp Business

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Running a Vacation Rental business often involves constant back and forth with customers asking for details of your villa.

This can get fairly time consuming and you’re probably tired of sharing the same details over and over again.

Don’t worry, I got your back!

WhatsApp Business is a feature rich version of WhatsApp made for Business!

Here’s 5 Reasons to use WhatsApp Business for your Vacation Rental Business.

  • Easily Share Basic Information about your Villa
    • You can easily add all the basic information like location, pricing, photos, amenities, menu, etc. in your Business Profile details. Any time a customer asks, just ask them to check our profile.
Business profile
  • Save Time with Quick Replies
    • Link your message templates for booking details, payment receipt confirmations, thank you messages to keywords and SAVE TIME!
set quick reply
  • Use Catalogs to Share Packages
    • Have multiple packages based on Dates or no. of nights? Add the details, and Images to your catalog and simply share that with customers!
create catalog
  • Don’t Lose Website Visitors!
    • You can easily redirect your website visitors to your WhatsApp by sharing a Join Chat link.
    • This is extremely useful as even though you’re not always online, you get the customers information and can reach out when you’re available, Unlike your Website!
  • Inform your Customers with Away messages
    • If your customers message you after business hours, away messages are a great way to inform your customers about basic info and availability.
    • The away message can even contain alternate contact information so customers can reach you in case of urgent bookings!
away message

WhatsApp Business was designed to communicate with Customers in a fast and efficient manner.

Confused? Check out my step by step guide on how to set up WhatsApp Business for your Vacation Rental Business and Get Started!


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