How to optimize your Google My Business Listing in 2022

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Optimizing the Google my Business listing of your villa can have a massive impact on your business.

A well optimized top 3 villa listing gets 2-3 times the number of enquiries as compared to competitors.

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Here’s how you should optimize your villa’s GMB listing in 2022

Access your villa’s GMB listing on Google and click on ‘Edit Profile’.

go to edit profile
  • Business Name
    • Having the right keyword in your villa’s name can have a dramatic impact on the google ranking.
    • Google has strict guidelines to use the exact name of your business, if you legally register your villa’s business name with the keyword. It can really boost your rankings!
    • Note: Do not add a keyword in your business name, if it isn’t legally present in other registrations too. Abuse of Google’s policies may lead to suspension of your listing.
  • Business Category
    • Choose the right primary category based on what other villas ranking in your area are using. Mostly, the best choice is to use “villa”.
    • Make sure you use the same keyword in your website as well.
    • It is also important to add all additional categories that apply to your business. Go through all of them and add all the relevant ones. Eg. Hotels, Holiday Home Rental
    • Use GMB Everywhere chrome extension to find out the business categories used by your competitors.
add business name and category
  • Description
    • While it is important to include your villa’s relevant details in this section. It is possible to include keywords as long as they are used naturally.
    • eg. Villa in [Location]
fill description of your business
  • Photos
    • Add photos of the villa’s exterior, interior, common areas, team (caretaker).
    • Use the best photos of your villa as the logo and cover photo.
upload photos
  • Reviews
    • Always try to collect positive reviews from your happy customers. This not only helps your ranking, but also helps new customers trust you.
    • Note: Incentivizing customers for a good review is against Google’s policy and may lead to suspension.

get reviews
  • Quality Backlinks
    • It is important to get backlinks to your villa’s website from local bloggers and travel related websites. This helps google trust your villas listing and in turn boost your ranking.
    • Having a dedicated website for your villa helps because you can post blogs that can get you backlinks.
  • Question & Answers
    • Search for your keyword on google and more often than not you will find a “people also ask” snippet. Pick up the relevant questions and answer them in the context of your own villa.
    • search for [ Book villa in Location ]
ask questions and answer

While optimizing your villas google business listing try to prioritize your customer & provide accurate information.


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