Grow your Vacation Rental Business on Twitter!

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Now that you have already created a Twitter account for your Vacation Rental Business. Here’s how you can leverage it to grow your Vacation Rental Business #1 Post Valuable Content As a vacation rental business, you must focus on posting content that adds value to your customers. This includes details about Tourist Attractions Restaurants that […]

Promote Your Vacation Rental Business On YouTube – 6 Tips

Once you’ve created a YouTube channel for your Vacation Rental Business, it’s time to post content to drive more enquiries for your villa through YouTube. 6 tips to promote your Vacation Rental Business on YouTube! #1 Customize your Channel Profile to highlight your Villa Before getting started, it is important to customize your villa’s channel […]

Focus on Google Reviews!

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Google allows customers to post a public review about the businesses they interact with. Such reviews are called google reviews! And they are crucial in growing your Vacation Rental Business. Here’s 5 Reasons why! #1 Help Build Trust Google Reviews are literally like your previous customers recommending your Vacation Rental to potential customers. They are […]

2 Ways to Get More Bookings Through Facebook

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A Facebook page is a must for every Vacation Rental Business Owner. However, just creating the page is not enough. Facebook is all about communities, awareness, and presence. In order to take full advantage of your villa’s Facebook Business Page 2 ways you can leverage Facebook to get more bookings for your villa. Facebook Groups […]

5 Reasons Villa Owners MUST Use WhatsApp Business

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Running a Vacation Rental business often involves constant back and forth with customers asking for details of your villa. This can get fairly time consuming and you’re probably tired of sharing the same details over and over again. Don’t worry, I got your back! WhatsApp Business is a feature rich version of WhatsApp made for […]

The Free Google Business Site is BAD, But use it!

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It is important to have a website for your villa, especially when you’ve just started operations. It not only helps build trust with guests, but also allows you to control how your villa is presented online and get more direct bookings. But if you can’t afford a custom website for your villa, you can temporarily […]

Don’t Lose Customers, Optimize your Google My Business Listing Now!

Optimize your Google Business Profile Today!

Google Business Profile is a separate listing within Google search and Maps specifically made to support and help local businesses. The rankings on this separate listing depend on the searcher’s location and the keywords used in the Google Business Profile of the business. For Example If your location isn’t accurately marked on the map, Customers […]

5 Reasons to Create a Google Business Listing for your Vacation Rental!

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Making a Google Business profile is the best way to get more bookings for your Villa rental business. Reach more customers Google supports local businesses like Vacation Rentals through more visibility on villa’s Google Business Profile on Google Search and Google Maps. The Google business listing can appear in the Google sidebar, Local Results, and […]

STOP! Using your Personal Gmail for your Villa Business

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Using your personal Gmail for your villa rental business? While running a Vacation Rental Business you have to sign up to websites like Airbnb, Google My Business, Instagram, etc. Using your personal Gmail account for the above might seem convenient, but will cause hassle as your villa rental business grows. Here’s 4 reasons why you […]

The Ultimate Guide to AirBnb